We Need Volunteers with Trucks to pull the trailers for, out of town competitions, in town competitions, and away pep band.

Please sign up Here.


We Need a lot of parents to help with props and equipment for the competitions as well as extra help for Oxnard. If you are willing to help with any of these

Please sign up Here.

We are looking for volunteers for:


Football game help

Competition help

Music in Motion help

Fundraising help

If you are interested in helping, please contact us. The more help we get the better experience the students will have.

Information for Football games

A Reminder for volunteer etiquette at football games.

All Volunteers must be on the list that has to be turned in at 8 am Thursday mornings to school office. We must have your first and last name.

Volunteers will check in at the gate by the GYM not the Canal. Only the volunteer can get in. For example if I show up with my non-band kids they must pay to get in.

Also, DO NOT try and walk in with your kids at away games/pep band. YOU MUST PAY TO ENTER!!! Only the band kids and Mr. Ouska can get in for free. This is a district policy.

You must add yourself to the signup genius. We can not do that for you.

Thank you